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Strategies for Mastering Club Social Media by Club and Resort Business

by | Feb 13, 2024


“In the era of digital dominance, private clubs across the globe are grappling with the nuances of creating an online presence. In a recent webinar, Melissa Hansen, Director of Membership & Marketing at The Club at Olde Cypress, shed light on the intricacies of social media strategies for clubs. The session aimed to empower clubs to harness social media’s full potential.

The dilemma often starts with platform selection for clubs yet to debut on social media. Melissa recommends a simple yet effective strategy: Know where members are. By sampling and searching names from various age demographics on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, clubs can determine where most members spend their digital time. Starting with the most popular platform among your audience is the logical first step.

Once a social media account is up and running, the next challenge is engagement and getting members to follow and interact with the account. Taking initiative from the very beginning is a key strategy. Prompt attendees to follow the club on social media during new member orientations. Emphasize the unique content they might miss if they don’t. A simple email with the club’s social media handles will catch the attention of new and long-standing members.

One common concern for private clubs is balancing the exclusivity of membership with the open nature of social media. While some clubs opt for private, members-only accounts, Melissa leans towards having a single, open account. However, extremely private clubs may need a more guarded approach. The key is understanding the audience and choosing a strategy that aligns with the club’s atmosphere.

Almost every younger member is on social media. Clubs that are not digitally active are missing out on this demographic. Social media is more than just a platform; it’s a multifaceted communication tool. Whether it’s emails, websites, or social posts, each channel offers a unique engagement opportunity. It is important to present on as many channels as possible to cater to all members. Hansen also points out the value of curated content featuring younger members, which can attract more of the same demographic.

The challenge for many clubs is integrating club culture’s age-old traditions with the digital age’s modern demands. While every club’s strategy will look different based on its audience, the core is suggested to remain the same. 

The digital realm has challenges, from concerns about posting pictures to keeping influencers engaged post-collaboration. However, the webinar discusses how clubs can navigate these waters effectively with informed strategies like securing photo waivers or drafting detailed collaboration agreements.

As clubs embark on digital journeys, the fundamental principle is clear: Know the audience. Whether choosing the right platform, balancing tradition with modernity, or addressing challenges head-on, a member-centric approach is a beneficial way to guide clubs to social media success. Using strategies discussed in this webinar, the future of social media engagement for clubs and resorts looks promising

To learn how to harness the power of social media, watch the webinar.”

Melissa Hansen

Melissa Hansen

Melissa Hansen is a private club membership + marketing educator that provides resources to industry professionals who are striving to get creative and think outside the box. Through her education, training and online masterclasses, Melissa has worked with over 200 clubs worldwide providing membership professionals with tools to take their game to the next level. Melissa has spoken with several CMAA and PCMA Chapters and has presented at conferences throughout the country. Her passion is delivering actionable strategies to improve member engagement, sales, and retention.