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Swinging into the Future: Marketing Strategies to Engage Junior Golfers

by | Apr 7, 2023

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A recent article published by the National Golf Foundation states that the biggest participation increase over the past three years has been that of junior golfers, with a net gain of almost 1 million juniors (ages 6-17).  As a marketer in the golf industry, it’s essential to understand how to market to juniors effectively. Here are five tips to implement into your club marketing and communications strategy:

Make it Fun and Engaging

Juniors are more likely to participate in golf if it’s fun and engaging. Create events that are designed specifically for juniors, such as mini-tournaments or clinics. Incorporate games and activities that make golf more enjoyable, such as obstacle courses or skills challenges. By making golf fun and engaging, juniors are more likely to want to continue playing.

Offer Affordable Membership Options

Golf can be an expensive sport, and many juniors may not have the means to play regularly. To make golf more accessible to juniors, offer affordable options such as discounted rates for juniors, family packages, or even free clinics. By providing affordable options, juniors are more likely to continue playing and become lifelong golfers.

Partner with Schools and Youth Organizations

Partnering with schools and youth organizations is a great way to introduce juniors to golf. Offer free clinics or workshops at schools or partner with youth organizations to provide golf programs. By partnering with schools and youth organizations, you can reach a larger audience of juniors who may not have been exposed to golf before.

Emphasize the Social Aspect of Golf

Golf is a social sport, and many juniors enjoy the social aspect of playing with friends or family. Emphasize the social aspect of golf in your marketing efforts. Highlight the benefits of playing with others, such as building friendships or spending time with family. By emphasizing the social aspect of golf, juniors are more likely to want to participate and continue playing.

Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for reaching juniors. Use social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook to reach a younger audience. Share engaging content such as photos or videos of junior golf events or golf tips. By using social media, you can reach a wider audience of juniors and promote your golf brand.


Marketing to juniors in the golf industry requires a different approach than marketing to adults. By making golf fun and engaging you can effectively reach and encourage juniors to take up the sport. With these tips, you can help create a new generation of golfers who will continue to enjoy the sport for years to come.

Melissa Hansen

Melissa Hansen

Melissa Hansen is a private club membership + marketing educator that provides resources to industry professionals who are striving to get creative and think outside the box. Through her education, training and online masterclasses, Melissa has worked with over 200 clubs worldwide providing membership professionals with tools to take their game to the next level. Melissa has spoken with several CMAA and PCMA Chapters and has presented at conferences throughout the country. Her passion is delivering actionable strategies to improve member engagement, sales, and retention.